Product Groups and Bundle Template Tabs (For use with your ArcSite Customer Success Manager)


This article guides you through creating product groups and bundles with a template. Please note that this process is for enterprise clients working with an ArcSite Customer Success Manager; your CSM will provide you with your template. Product groups are selectable options in product bundles. Product bundles are groups of products that you can draw together and price.


  • Understand the product groups tab and decide if it is needed.
  • Understand the product bundles tab column values for spreadsheet entry.

Steps to create a product groups and bundles 

1. Decide if you would like to include optional product groups and enter them if you do. Please note, this is optional. Product groups work well when you have a series of options for product bundles you would like to choose when creating a proposal. Open your template spreadsheet and watch the following video to identify if you have product groups and add them. When entering a line Item in a product group use the same product name used in the products tab.





Column A: Group Name The name you or your sales staff use to select the option. In this example caps. This is not client facing/is chosen when creating a proposal. 
Column B: Name The exact name used products tab.
Column C: Default Option If you would like a commonly used option to be a default choice.
Column D: ID (Do not change) ArcSite use only. 


2. Open your bundles tab and Identify your bundle type either LINE/ARC, ICON/SHAPE, or AREA. Use LINE/ARC for a product bundle drawn as a line, ICON/SHAPE when a symbol is needed to represent products, and area for products covering a surface.


3. Identify items needed from the products tab and or product groups tab.

4. Enter category, bundle name, how would you draw it on the canvas, and unit for you first bundle.

5. Enter your bundle line items using the names used in your product and or product groups tabs starting on the line below bundle. 


Column A: Category Choose the product category you would like your bundle to appear in.
Column B:Bundle Name The name you or your sales staff see when selecting the bundle to draw. This is not client facing.
Column C: How would you draw it on the canvas. LINE/ARC, ICON/SHAPE, or AREA.
Column D: Unit
  • If your bundle is quantity based select EACH.
  • If your bundle is linear. Select the appropriate linear measurement (FT, IN, or metric units). 
  • If your bundle area based. Select the appropriate area measurement (SQFT, SQIN, or metric units). 
Column F: Component name

The name used in your product or products groups tab. 

Column F: Quantity Number needed for the bundle.
Column G: Optional

Y to include as an optional choice.

Column H: Use area or perimeter. Area or perimeter for area bundles.


Additional Resources:

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