Product Import Spreadsheet - Troubleshooting Errors

When importing your Product information, you may encounter error messages related to how the information is presented in your excel document.


This article shows all of the potential message as well as how to resolve them. The errors are grouped by the tabs used in the spreadsheet. Those are: Products, Product Groups, and Bundles.


Product Tab - Error Messages

Message  Type How to Resolve
Missing product name. Empty Field Issue: Product Name Column/Field has been left blank
Solution: Find empty Product Name field, add in correct product name or delete black product field
Missing unit. Empty Field Issue: Product Unit field for a product has been left blank
Missing visual type. Empty Field Issue: A field for "How would you draw on canvas?" has been left blank
Solution: Find field that's missing that information, fill in with correct Visual Typle
Missing category. Empty Field Issue: A field for 'Category' has been left blank
Solution: Find field that's missing Category information, fill in with correct Category Name
Invalid price price. Invalid Value “Invalid price” means when the price value is not a number. Not sure if it is an error when the price is a negative value. I’ll confirm that.
Invalid visual type “visual type”. Invalid Value Product type column: Visual Type: How would you draw it on canvas? Popover: See all visual types.
Product unit “product unit” is not a valid visual type unit. Invalid Value Model dialog: See valid unit combinations for each type of product
Missing price part name. Price Part Error Issue: Column F 'Price Part' is missing information needed
Solution: Find product with price part on Products tab, under Column F, Price Part, fill in the correct price part information
Missing option name for price part price part name. Price Part Error Issue: Column G, Price Option, is missing information
Solution: Find Price Part (Column F), locate price part field that is missing data in Column G - fill in with the correct information
Invalid price price for price part part_name’s option: option_name. Price Part Error Issue: The value entered in the Price part field is not a valid number. 
Invalid Product ID: id. Invalid Product ID Issue: Unique Product ID from ArcSite no longer matches what is in ArcSite - an alteration or deletion has been made
Product ID: id is not found. Invalid Product ID “ID is not found” refers to when the id value is not in the product library, therefore we can not make the edit. When the id value is blank, we create a new product.


Product Group Tab -  Error Messages

Message  How to Resolve
Cannot find “ missing_names " in product group “ product_group_name ”. or Cannot find “ missing_names " in 20 product groups.

Issue - One or more Products added to the Product Group have not been added to the Product tab / do not exist. 

Options are:

  1. Remove Product(s) from Product Group 
  2. Add missing Product(s) to the Product tab
Product group must have at least one product.

Options are:

  1. Delete the Product Group 
  2. Add one or more Products to the Product Group
Products in group
” product_group_name " need to have the same unit.

Issue - All Products within a given Product Group must have the same unit. 

Options are:

  1. Remove Product or Products with non matching unit 
  2. Recreate Product using Product Group's common Unit. 
Product group
“ product_group_name " has more than one default product.

Issue - You can choose one of the Products within a Product Group as the default choice when used. That is set by typing Y in the column "Default" for a Product. However you can only choose one default per Product Group.



Remove all but one "Y" from the Product Default Column

Invalid ID “ product_group_id " for product group “ product_group_name ".

Issue - The number in the ID column doesn’t match an ID already in ArcSite. ArcSite will not import an ID that does not match an ID in the system.


  1. You can export the Product Environment again from ArcSite 
  2. Delete product group from System and Recreate in Excel. 
Cannot find product group with this ID:
“ product_group_id

Issue - There is not a Product Group, with that ID number within ArcSite. 

Option: Remove ID from Excel. In this case, import will create Product Group.

Note if the Excel Product Group name matches a Product Group name in the system, it will fail as you can not have 2 identical named Product Groups.


Bundle Tab Error Messages

Message  How to Resolve
Cannot find component
“ component " for bundle
“ bundle_name ". or: Cannot find component “ component " for 12 bundles.
Issue: The component (Product or Product Group) name included in a bundle doesn’t exist anywhere (either in Excel or in the system).
Invalid input source
“ input_source ” for component “ component " from area bundle
” bundle_name ".
Issue: This refers to the “Use Area or perimeter (only for Area Bundle)” column. When the value is not “Area” or “Perimeter”, this error message appears.
Bundle “ component_name " cannot include itself. Issue: When you add Bundle A to Bundle A itself, this message appears.
Bundle “ bundle_name " and bundle “ component_name " cannot include each other.

Issue: When Bundle A includes Bundle B, but Bundle B already includes Bundle A, this message appears.


Invalid ID “ bundle_id " for bundle “ bundle_name '.Cannot find bundle ID “ bundle_id ".

Issue: ID in Excel doesn’t match the ID in the system.


  1. You can export the Product Environment again from ArcSite 
  2. Delete Bundle from System and Recreate in Excel. 


Visual Types

The list below shows the support units / correct entries for each of the Product Visual Types.

Product Visual Type Supported Units
NO_VISUAL IN, FT, MM, M, Yards SQIN, SQFT, MM, M2, SQ_Yards CUIN CUFT M3 MM3 CU_Yards Each Month Day Hour


Additional Resources:

The product import template

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