How to Export Your Drawing (2 minutes)

Within this short lesson, you'll learn how to quickly export drawings into different file formats and sizes.

Lesson Content:

  • How to export your first drawing.
  • Available export types.
  • Export settings and options.


Exporting your drawing and file type

1. First tap the export icon mceclip0.png located in the top toolbar within the mobile app.


2. Next, select the desired file type.



Export Options

You can choose from a variety of export options including Orientation, Paper Size, and Margin





You can also select the Export Area. 💡This toggle plays a major factor in controlling what appears on your export.


Choosing the "Entire Drawing" option exports all layers of the canvas, while the "Visible Portion" option exports the layers displayed at the time of export.



Finally, you have the option to Include/Exclude photos and select grid visibility and line weight. The default line wight is preset in the middle of the slider.



Learn about all the export options and settings available in 30 seconds.⏩

Additional Resources:

Why is my Export Not Displaying Correctly?


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