Photos and Markup (5 minutes)

Within this lesson, you'll learn how to quickly add photos to your drawing and apply markup to a photo for added clarity and communication for your team and customers. 

Lesson Content:

  • How to add a photo with the camera tool.
  • How to markup a photo or image. 

Drop a photo into your drawing at a specific location.

1. Tap the "Photo" mceclip0.png icon on the toolbar within the mobile app.


2. Next, locate the desired area on your drawing and tap the appropriate area to drop a camera icon onto the canvas: Greenshot_2022-06-27_15.31.02.png


3. Then choose to take a picture or add a photo from your existing photo library.


4. Lastly, tap the photo you just added to unlock the markup tools.


Watch this short video to quickly learn how to add photos and markup ⬇️


Additional Resources:

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