Custom Shapes (5 minutes)

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make your own custom shapes for use in future drawings. 

This lesson contains:

  • How to get more shapes and use shape libraries.
  • How to create your own shapes.


Utilizing the shape libraries and creating custom shapes allow you to quickly add commonly used elements into drawings. 🚀

By having custom and commonly used shapes that match your business you'll:

  • Increase your drawing speed and accuracy. 

  • Improve the quality of the information provided in the drawing.

  • Customers and trades will quickly and clearly understand your drawings and notations.


Getting more shapes

1. Tap shapes, scroll to the bottom to get more shapes.


2. Select the library you would like to add. 


Creating shapes

1. Select the item you would like to create a shape from and tap create shape.


🚧Pro-tip, you can add an existing shape to my shapes by using create shape. This creates your own library of commonly used shapes.

2. Name shape.


3. Edit snap points. Create and use Snap Points to ensure your custom shape connects to other objects at the correct location.


4. Remember size and unit toggle switch. We recommend having this on, toggled to blue in most cases. When you remember size and unit the shape appears in your canvas at the size and unit it was created in. 


5. Create editable shape labels if your shape includes text fields you would like to use in drawings.


This video provides a quick and easy example of how to create a custom shape.


Additional Resources:

Creating ArcSite Shapes

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