Adding Shapes and Measurements (4 minutes)

Within this lesson, you'll learn how to add more detail to your drawings using shapes and basic measurements. You'll also learn how to adjust dimensions in an existing drawing.

Lesson Content:

  • How to use basic shapes to quickly add detail to drawings.
  • Understand how to add measurements/dimensions.


Adding Shapes

1. Tap the "Shapes" icon mceclip0.png to bring up the available library options within the mobile app.

2. Next, select a shape and place it into your drawing and adjust the placement.

3. Adjust the relative distance to other objects as needed. 


Adding Measurements (dimensions)

1. First select your perimeter with Square Select or Free Select.

2. Then tap the "Add Dimensions" mceclip1.png icon, and choose shorter side (inside), longer side (outside), or centerline.


Watch this video for more details👇


Additional Resources:

Using ArcSite Shapes

Showing Dimensions

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