How to edit a drawing (4 minutes)

This lesson teaches the basic editing skills needed to produce more detailed drawings.

Lesson Content:


How to edit a line length, location, and copy/paste a line into your drawing.

1. Tap select > free select and tap a line and drag at the end to extend.

 mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

2. Tap the measurement value of our active line, in this case a line and enter in a new value to adjust.


3. Use the move control point to drag the line to a new area.


4. Use rotate to change orientation.


5. Create a copy with the duplicate function.


Watch these quick edit actions in this short example video 📐🔨


Extend and trim.

1. Draw a line, lift your finger or stylus to create a gap, and keep drawing a second line.

2. Tap edit > use extend to draw a line connecting both lines.


3. Draw a box, but instead of ending at the corner continue with a small line.

4. Tap trim and draw over the overage to delete, leaving a perfect box.


Watch this video to get an example of how to best use the trim and extend tools.✂️


Additional Resources:

Edit Lengths & Angles Manually

Pan and Zoom in the Drawing


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