Lesson 3. Adding Additional Data

In this lesson we review how to add data not captured in the drawing including.


  • Identify how and when to use additional data fields.
  • Identify how and when to use additional data fields.



In addition to the Products and Pricing, you can collect other information related to a specific Product or to the Project as a whole.



Key points or steps:

1. Additional Data Fields

Project level questions that are shown within the takeoff and estimate workflow and can be displayed on a client-facing proposal or on an internal-facing output. 


Examples - Scope of Work comments, production team notes, project-level information such as Age of Building, what client is responsible for versus what company is responsible for. 

When or Why to Use

  • You want to collect information about the project itself. In regards to showing this info, it can be displayed within the proposal output OR you hide it on the client proposal but save it to show to the internal audience

How to Use 

  • Set up Additional Data Fields
  • Use them within the app

2. Custom Forms 

Project level questions that are shown within a separate form and can be delivered  alongside the takeoff report and diagram


Examples - Facility info form, Installation checklist

When or Why to Use

  • You need to collect information that is related to the project itself rather than individual products or services offered. You can use this data alongside the Takeoff Report. Different from the Additional Data fields described above, as Custom Forms will not be using a client proposal. 

How to Use 

  • Create a Custom Form
  • Use a Custom Form within the app



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