Lesson 2. Product & Pricing Review

In this lesson we cover product and pricing options while creating proposals in the app. 


  1. Understand how to use products in the field to create proposals with the ArcSite app.
  2. Understand how to adjust pricing in the field to create proposals with the ArcSite app.



  1. Tap on the Products tool at the top of the toolbar
  2. To Expand Product Panel to multiple columns, tap on the expander icon at the bottom left corner


  1. If this is your first time using the Products on this account, tap the Refresh icon at the top left corner of the Product Panel to retrieve them from the cloud. Note this process can take a few minutes for this initial task.
  2. If you have not yet created Products, create products to get started. 

Step 2 – Select Product

  1. For Shape-based Products, tap on the Product to have it automatically placed on the canvas.
  2. For line or area-based Products, tap on Product to make active and then draw as usual

Step 3 – Define Attributes (if necessary)

Once a product has been added to the canvas:

  1. Ensure it is the actively selected object
  2. Tap on Attributes icon on the lower-left corner of the screen
  3. Fill in any fields necessary
  4. Tap Save and Close button

Making Proposals in the Field:

  1. All the sales folks can use those same products on every site visit
  2. They can view the estimate summary as they go
  3. Then one tap to export (PDF or Excel)
  4. Choose any method (Print, email, text, etc) to get the Proposal out of ArcSite and into your client's hands

Finalizing and Exporting Proposals

Once a diagram has been completed, the salesperson/estimator can begin to add various pricing options, adjusting pricing, and finalizing the proposal to represent the desired bid. From there, you can export the proposal document and send it off to your customer, all within the application. 



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