Lesson 4. Payment Options

ArcSite allows for different payment options allowing you to create deposits, payment schedules, and financing on enterprise accounts with the Wisetack integration.


  • Understand preferred deposit rate/deposit required.
  • Set custom payment schedules if desired.



ArcSite allows suggested or required deposits, allows to create a payment schedule (for example 1/2 on deposit, 1/2 on completion. Additionally you can make the desired payment schedule the preselected option on each job, and allow for customizable payment terms that field sales can fill out when creating a proposal, estimate/takeoff.


Steps or key points:

  1. Set deposit rate. You can select a preferred deposit rate, require a deposit, and do both a preferred rate and a requirement.
  2. Create payment options if desired, normally deposit as fraction or percentage, and due on completion.
  3. Lastly you can allow for customizable options which will allow people to adjust final pricing in the field. 

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