Lesson 1. Creating Products

You can associate your company's services or equipment sold with an ArcSite Shape, Line, or Area to create what we call a Product.


  • Understand how products appear visually
  • Pricing information
  • Product data
  • Products categories



Products can then be used during the drawing process to collect more information than solely what the visual provides. Products are the backbone of using ArcSite for Estimating or creating Takeoffs. 

You simply drop in Shape-based Products and/or draw lines or areas to collect information such as:

  1. Quantities
  2. Linear ft/m
  3. Square ft/m
  4. Cost
  5. Etc.

Product information can then be used to automatically create

  1. Customer Proposals
  2. Takeoff Schedules/Bill of Materials


Step 1 – Navigate to https://user.arcsiteapp.com login, click the gear in the upper right hand corner of the screen and then select products in the left hand menu.

Step 2 – Specify a Category

Pick an existing category or create a new category (click + Create button at the top of the Categories section) where the Product will live. Categories are used to group your Products within the app.


Step 3 – Create the Product

  1. Tap the Create Product in the top right corner of the Product Screen 
  2. From the Create Product dialog, you will define all the individual elements required 
  3. Provide a Name
  4. The description is an optional field that will only appear in the output proposal. You can use this field to give the client additional information about the product itself 
  5. Depending on the
  6. Select a "Visual Type" (Line, Area, Shape) you choose, based on your product and how it would be drawn.
  7. Assign a visual from available Shapes, line styles, or area styles. 
  8. Drawing unit shows the unit that will be displayed on output. Note this can be changed (see section - Advanced Pricing Set-Up 3: Quantity Modifier)
  9. Add Pricing/Cost if applicable
  10. More Inputs allows for the collection of additional information 



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