Lesson 2. Basic Drawing Tools

This lesson reviews the basic tools for drawing, including draw tool modes, shapes, text (annotation), photos, layers, openings (windows/doors), walls, and fill. 


  • Understand the basic drawing tools.
  • Create lines.
  • Place openings or shapes.



This course covers the drawing tools that are most commonly used for normal jobs. By understanding the draw tool, and it's modes, using openings and shapes, and providing more information with text, you will understand the building blocks for professional drawings.

Steps or key points:

  1. Tap the draw tool from the right side-bar. Select line / arc to make individual lines or curves.
  2. Draw a box to represent a perimeter of a house.
  3. Tap openings to place windows or doors into your house perimeter.
  4. Add a shape.
  5. The video also reviews, annotation or text, layers, the wall tool, and fill which completes the basic drawing tools. 

Learn how to create simple shapes and create a box. The box will represent a house in your first drawing. 


Adding openings and shapes.

Using layers, annotation or text, walls, and fill.

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