Lesson 4. Edit The Drawing

This lesson covers the basic editing. Follow along with the video to edit your drawing.


  • Adjust dimensions (length).
  • Be able to select items, move and rotate them.
  • Cleanup drawings with trim or extend.



This course focuses on how to make adjustments to drawings with editing tools. ArcSite is designed to help you quickly change lengths or dimensions in your drawing and lets you move, rotate, or duplicate objects. Lastly, trim, extend, and offset allow you to quickly edit for common needs enhancing accuracy and speed of drawing. 

Steps or key points:

    1. Editing Lines
    2. Select – Box vs Free Select
    3. Move Items
    4. Duplicate
    5. Default Display Settings
    6. Rotate
    7. Undo & Redo
    8. Trim & Extend.

Try the editing tools. Feel free to experiment and try all of the tools. You can draw extra portions to recreate conditions, and undo as shown here to return your drawing to how you would like it.

Basic editing video.


Trim and extend video.

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