Lesson 1. Starting a Project & Drawing

Projects organize your work and job details. It's the perfect place to start when using ArcSite. Please note, A project is needed before creating your first drawing.


  • Create a project.
  • Open a drawing.



Projects contain all job information and are needed for drawings. Create a project with sample job information and open a drawing to get used working in ArcSite.


Steps or key points:

  1. Tap create project, below search bar, in the home screen of the ArcSite app. Enter in project information, or sample information for practice. 
  2. Tap create drawing, upper left, in your project.
  3. Here are the options to create a new drawing. From scratch, from .pdf, or from add/take photo.
  4. Additionally we will want to make sure our calibration, or drawing scale, is appropriate for the drawing.


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