Creating Your First Proposal, Paragraph Section & Cover Letter. | Pt. 2


Now that you have created your first basic proposal, we are ready to add additional information for clarity or business needs if needed. For creating a basic proposal draft see pt. 1 here.

Step 1. Identify Sections to Add.

We used the default template sections to create a document in our first draft. Now that we have the basics down, we can add new sections not included in the default template or duplicate default sections as needed.

Click advanced settings> proposal templates> and edit a draft proposal, or duplicate a proposal for further editing. We recommend staying in draft at this stage.


Find Add Sections below the default sections in your left-hand toolbar. All defaults area available (click here to review sections from Pt.1) as well as the following new sections:

Paragraph Allows for paragraph text with a built-in editor. Importantly, this is a key area where you can add custom variables which are used in the advanced proposals section of this help center.

This sections adds a cover letter.

2 layout options. 1 Cover with photo. 2. Cover with company logo.

Additionally, formatting options allow you to change label/title names, and provide space or padding between the header and start of content.


Step 2. Add Additional Information With Paragraph Section or other sections if needed.

We often see people add information like terms and conditions here. Please see the video below for more.

Step 3. Adding a Cover Letter.

ArcSite can also add a cover letter to your proposal with the cover section. There are two options 1. Cover with Photo 2. Cover w Company Logo. Please see the video below for more.

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