The ArcSite Product Import Template


This article guide you through the process of creating products with the product import template. 


  • Understand the product template column values.
  • Organize your products with the ArcSite template in the products tab.

Steps to create a project import template 

  1. Navigate to products in your ArcSite admin at here.
  2.  Greenshot_2022-07-21_10.52.50.png Select the import & export button and select import from excel.Screen_Shot_2022-07-21_at_11.00.35_AM.png and download the template Greenshot_2022-07-21_11.03.32.png
  3. Complete using the video and article below. 
  4. mceclip0.pngThen click import excel.
  5. Now you can check for errors using the ArcSite guide here.



Have a lot of products? Using our spreadsheet import allows you to bulk create (or update) products within ArcSite.

Column values:

Column A: Category Assign a product category. For example: Vinyl - Railing. 
Column B:Product Name Assign a product name. For example: Waterfall "B" Sweep Rail.
Column C: Description (Optional) Optional. Additional information. Clients can also see this category. Use this category when you would like to create a list under the product line item in your client proposal. 
Column D: Unit

This column controls how products are measured by ArcSite. 

  • If your products are linear. Select the appropriate linear measurement (FT, IN, or metric units). 
  • If your products are area based. Select the appropriate area measurement (SQFT, SQIN, or metric units). 
  • If your products are volume based. Select the appropriate volumetric measurement (CUFT, CUIN or metric units).
Column E: Unit Cost

This column controls how products are priced, corresponding to the unit chosen in column D. 

Column F: SKU (Optional) Optional. Place your SKU information here if used.
Column G: Visual Type 
  • Enter NO_VISUAL. Visual type is added at the bundle level when using the product template import method. 
Column H: Tax exempt. Y for no tax, blank for tax.

Please see our product import template video below:


Additional Resources:

Trouble shooting errors


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