Module 3: Outputs - Choosing How the Output Looks and Feels

ArcSite User Proposal Options

There are multiple possible ArcSite outputs:

  • A visual diagram
  • A Takeoff schedule / Material List 
  • A User proposal / Contract

The diagram and takeoff schedule have a standard look and feel but the User Proposal / Contract output can be configured to meet your needs. In this step, you will need to define how you want your Proposal output to appear. 

Like most companies, you likely have an existing Proposal form that you currently use. 

What we suggest is to look at your existing version/output and think about what you need to see in ArcSite and read through the following options to see how that can be accomplished.

  • The default Template look and feel
  • Some different pricing sections options
  • Your Logo and Company address, etc 
  • Your Sales Reps info
  • Embedded Site Photos (or not)
  • Signature Lines (location and terminology used)
  • Standard Text you need to be added to each output
  • Standard Associated Documents - Items like Terms and Conditions, Warranty specimens, Product or Company brochures, etc.
  • General Project Questions to be answered in the field and included in the output
  • Payment Options (Deposit, Payment Terms, and Payment Method)
  • Taxes 

ArcSite Default Template 

The default ArcSite template can be used immediately by creating and exporting a proposal from your account. 


Other Pricing Display Options 

We have several ways of showing the Pricing section. If you would like to use an option other than the default, you can request to change the default Pricing Display Type.

The pricing display options are:

  • The default - Show each line item with quantity and price
  • Show only quantity per line item ( no line-item cost)
  • Show no line items, only a Project Total

Adding Company Logo and Information  

Navigate to the Company Account Screen to add your company logo (PNG or JPEG), company name, and define office location(s) and information such as web address, company phone and email, etc. 


Adding Sales Representatives Information

Individual Accounts can display a specific name, email, and phone associated with their account. That information is often created as part of the initial account creation process but you can verify, edit, add that info by logging into the ArcSite User Site for each of the individual accounts on this page.


Embedded Site Photos

By default, all site photos that are embedded in the diagram will appear in the exported Proposal. Those photos show up numbered to match their diagram locations and appear on the page following the diagram.


Signature Lines

In the default template, there are Signature Lines on the bottom of the diagram page as is shown below. 


Standard (Boilerplate) Text 

Many of our clients have paragraphs of standard text that they want to be included in a certain part of the output. This block of standard text can be anything from a disclaimer, to What we need is a word type document with the required text needed, as well as the location of where you want to include the text. 


Adding Documents and Questions to the Proposal


Why Use

  1. You have additional questions that you can be answered on site
  2. You have standard documents that you want to be automatically or optionally added

This additional data will be added to the Proposal document.


Creating Additional Data information

  1. Log in, using an Administrator account, to the Additional Data Fields screen on the ArcSite User Site
  2. Click the Add Data Field button
  3. Provide a label for the option that will appear in the app
  4. Choose the type of input that will be used
  5. Click Save




Added directly after the customer and pricing section of the proposal

  • Section – Will display as a header-section on the Proposal. Useful if you want to group together a series of related form questions
  • Single line text – Will display an editable single-line text entry field
  • Paragraph text – Will display an editable paragraph entry field
  • Switch (Yes/No) – Good for yes-no type questions
  • Dropdown list – Will display a set list of pre-defined answers, users can select one option
  • Date – Ability to choose a date

Added after the diagram section of the proposal

  • File Attachment (Select in-app) – Displays optional documents that user can choose to display (added to the end of the proposal)
  • File Attachment – Documents add here will always be added to the end of a proposal

Using the Additional Data feature in the app

  1. Within a drawing, tap on the first icon on the top right toolbar
  2. Tap on Takeoff & Estimate
  3. Tap on the Additional Data tab



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