Altering the Quantity Captured


There are cases where you want to collect quantities for a product that is not a per-item measurement, a linear measurement, or an area measurement. You may need to convert your product into a different quantity. Examples of this include converting a linear foot measurement into the number of fence sections or converting a square foot measurement into the number of rolls of turf it will take, etc. 

These situations utilize Quantity Modifiers. 

Accessing Quantity Modifier

During the Product creation process,  tap on the Advanced button for the Quantity option



Advanced Quantity Settings dialog

Step 1 – Choose whether to apply the settings to each instance of the product separately (Per Item) or all instances together (Total Quantity).

Per Item example – An excavation job can be defined as an area-based product, which allows you to draw rectangles in-app to represent holes. However, if you need to tally the number of man-hours required instead of rectangular areas, you’ll need a “Per-Item” modifier that allows you to input “Depth” in-app and converts the area to volume. Then you’ll need a second modifier that allows you to enter “DigRate” in-app and converts the volume to the number of man-hours.

Total Quantity example – An artificial turf product that is laid out in rectangles in drawing, but needs to be tallied by number of rolls. This product will need a “Total” modifier that converts area to length, and a second “Total” modifier that converts from length to the number of rolls.



Step 2 – Add Quantity Modifier dialog

Use the Add Quantity Modifier dialog to define what will be converted and the equation needed

  1. Provide a description of the change. Note this is only needed so that you can know the conversion later. It does not appear in the externally facing app
  2. Define the name of the unit that will be shown in the externally facing app
  3. You divide or multiply to change the quantity
  4. Choose to round up, down, or no rounding


Step 3 – The conversion is complete. See below



Optional Step 4 – You can convert the quantity as many times as necessary by repeating the process at this point.

Additional Resources:

The article located here provides syntax help when creating a custom expression. A custom expression can allow you modify quantity in additional ways. For more information regarding custom expressions please contact your customer success manager or create a ticket here if you are not an enterprise customer assigned a CSM and have questions. 

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