Adding Doors and Windows

The Openings tool

Use the Openings tool to place doors and windows in your drawings.


Access and Use

  1. Tap on the Openings icon (5th icon) on the toolbar
  2. Tap a door or window from the Doors & Windows pane
  3. Drag object to snap to wall
  4. When dropped on a wall, it will break the wall segment into multiple pieces





Once a door or window has been added to the wall, you can adjust in multiple ways.

  1. Resize door by tapping on dimension displayed
  2. Drag door along wall segment
  3. Tap and change relative dimensions shown (shown in green)

Change Door and Window Orientation 

You can change the door opening direction / orientation with the Flip icon that appears above any selected smart door/window

  1. Select opening on screen
  2. Press and hold the Flip icon about the selected opening
  3. Drag to choose orientation



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