ArcSite for Auditing - Surveying

Use ArcSite for Auditing – Surveying

The video and the steps below show you how by simply dropping in symbols onto your visual plan, you end up with a full set of deliverables, from a visual mapping to an Excel of objects, and a set of related site photos. ArcSite takes the unique approach of combining, the visual, the Excel list, and embedded site photos to provide a total picture of your survey work.




(Click on each step for more detailed information of the specific feature)

  1. Open up your existing PDF and scale it by defining one known distance
  2. Use ArcSite Products to show the location and type of items found onsite
  3. Integrate photos into the work by associating them with a single instance of a product or by embedding them directly in the overall plan
  4. Get your work out of the app (and into the next app or person's hands) by uploading to the ArcSite cloud account and/or exporting directly out of the app.
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