Adding Pricing to Products


Adding Pricing to your Products is a critical step in using Products to create estimates and proposals within the App. Whether you need to use simple pricing or more complex pricing options, ArcSite can accommodate many different pricing situations.  


Simple Pricing

The most simple price case is adding a unit price, and entering in the Price when creating the product. ArcSite will then simply multiply the quantity of the product by the price to calculate the total cost. 

Steps to Create:

  1. Start the Product creation process 
  2. Under Price add a single price
  3. Save


Complex and Component Pricing Options

To create more complex pricing for your products and services, or to price out your products using components, you will use what we call Price Parts.

They can be simple as one single Price Part for a product that has a single unit cost, all the way to one that has several variables.

You can add any number of Price Parts together and the total cost of your product is calculated by the sum of the Parts.


Combining multiple Price Parts

You can combine multiple parts if the total cost of your product consists of multiple sub-products or services, and the price of each of the sub-items is defined and/or calculated separately. Some examples might be

  • A Door consisting of a Panel part and a Handle part
  • A Sump Pump System that contains a Pump, a Basin, and a Lid
  • Any product that requires extra work for removing an existing version or requires digging to put the product in place.

If any of those is the case for your product, you’ll need to create multiple Price Parts. Go through the following questions for each part.


Mandatory Price Parts

Is it a requirement that folks always select an option for this price part?

If a price part contains multiple options, normally you should consider marking it “Mandatory”, to ensure your sales rep does not forget to choose one.

If a mandatory price part is not selected, the user will be prompted to answer the question prior to exporting the proposal.


Optional Price Parts

 Is this price part optional?

If a part of the product is not needed in some cases, you should mark that Price Part as “Optional”. In the case where an optional price is not answered, the end-user can continue all the way to export the proposal.


Using Price Parts for multiple Product options

For a given Price Part, you may want to provide different options to your customers. In this case, you will need to add multiple Price Part Options under that single Price Part.

In this scenario, the end user would only be able to select only one of the options.


Motor Type

  • Motor type 1 = $200
  • Motor type 2 = $400
  • Motor type 3 = $750


What’s the price for each Price Part option?

For each option of a Price Part, you’ll give it a price. There are a few options for Price:

Single – Simple Price – For products that have a single base price

Tiered – For products that have different costs based on the amount added

Minimum – For products that need a base minimum cost until a certain range/amount


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