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Outside of standard products, ArcSite has the ability to capture non-visual and custom priced Product options. Most of your ArcSite products and services will be added visually to the diagram, however, if it does not make sense as a visual element (For example – a Work Permit Fee, Extended warranties, or a test to run) ArcSite allows you to define “non-visible” products.


Additionally, for truly one-off or custom items you need to add to the pricing list, you have the ability to create custom priced items, right during the estimate. 


Non-Visual Products

  1. Start the Product creation process 
  2. For the Visual Representation option, choose  ( No Visual )
  3. Note that once selected, the Visual option disappears
  4. Continue to define and then Save.


Use a Virtual Product

Virtual products by their very nature are not added visually to your drawing. Instead, they are accessible from the Takeoff/Estimate Summary screen.

  1. Tap on the 1st icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Tap Takeoff and Estimate
  3. Tap Add Other Items in the bottom left corner on Summary Screen
  4. Tap to add any available Virtual Products
  5. Define the quantity
  6. Tap OK to finalize



Custom Pricing


You can use Custom Pricing to capture pricing on anything you encounter in the field. This is useful when something comes up for which you do not already have a Product.

  1. Open the Takeoff & Estimate Summary screen
  2. Tap on Add Other Items button in the lower-left corner
  3. Choose Add Custom Pricing
  4. Fill in details and Save


The new item will appear under its own section in the list of Products and will appear in the exported Proposal

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