Using Bluetooth Measurement Devices



Connect to Your Laser Device

You can connect to your Bluetooth Measurement tool from Settings or from the Number pad itself. The following video shows the connection option within Settings.


Transfer Measurements

You can send the measurement from the measurement device as follows.

  1. Tap to make a drawn line or wall segment the active object
  2. Tap on the displayed measurement
  3. In the number pad, ensure the Bluetooth device is connected
  4. Connect if necessary
  5. From the Bluetooth device, push the button to transfer the measurement over

Compatible Versions

The following Leica devices have been certified to work with ArcSite.

  1. DISTO D510
  2. DISTO D810 Touch
  3. DISTO D110
  4. DISTO D2
  5. DISTO D1

The following Bosch devices have been certified to work with ArcSite.

  1. GLM 50 C
  2. GLM 100 C
  3. GLM 120 C
  4. GLM 150 C
  5. GLM400C
  6. GLM 50-27 C / CG Professional
  7. GLM165-27C / CG Professional
  8. GLM 120 C Professional (JP version)
  9. PLR 30 C
  10. PLR 40 C
  11. PLR 50 C

Subscription Level Required

Draw+ or above subscription


Troubleshoot Issues

Encountering issues with the bluetooth connection, see this article - Why won't my laser measure connect?



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