Sharing Your ArcSite Drawing


In select plans of ArcSite, you have the ability to share and co-edit drawings, all within the app. This allows for real-time sharing of work, and collaboration between team members. 

To share work within the app itself, there are up to 2 steps. You upload work to the cloud account & then share the project.

  1. All drawings must be  uploaded to the ArcSite cloud account
  2. If you do not have automatic sharing set up, you must share the project with your collaborators 

To set up your company account so that everyone automatically shares all of their projects together, please reach out to ArcSite Customer Support. 


Two common problems:

Scenario – I shared my project, but my coworker just sees an empty project with no drawings

Issue – While you have shared the project, you have not uploaded your drawings to the cloud. So while he can see the project folder, your actual work is still only on your local iPad.

Solution – Upload your work to the ArcSite cloud account


Scenario – I uploaded my drawing to the cloud account, but my coworker does not see it

Issue – While you uploaded the drawing, you must also share the parent project for collaborators to gain access.

Solution – Share the project with collaborators

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