ArcSite + JobNimbus

ArcSite + JobNimbus Integration

Connect your ArcSite and JobNimbus environments to have seamless flows of information that can be used in customer relationship management, invoicing, and much more. Linking your JobNimbus Environment with your ArcSite account can eliminate double-entry and can speed your sales process up significantly. 



How to set up the integration 

Below are the detailed instructions for all steps with screenshots.


1. Create an API key in JobNimbus

Go to the JobNimbus Settings page and click on API to create a new API key for ArcSite to use. Click on New API Key.



In the create form, fill in the description field with ArcSite, and select the Office Manager profile.

We recommend using the Office Manager access profile for the created API key. If the owner's profile is used, our API will only be able to access data from that account and not from other employees in the company.



2. Set up the integration on ArcSite's user site admin page

Go to the Integrations page on the ArcSite User Site and set up the integration by supplying the API key.


Click "Connect to JobNimbus" button and enter the API Key generated by JobNimbus.


After clicking the Connect button, ArcSite will verify the API key. If the key is valid, the page will auto-refresh, and the Jobnimbus app will show as "Connected". A webhook URL for Jobnimbus to use will be generated automatically by ArcSite.



3. Create related webhook rules in JobNimbus' automation module

Go back to the JobNimbus Settings page and select the Automation Module. Then, click the "Add Automation" button.



Select "Events Based" in the Trigger type pop-up box and "Contact/Job" is created, and then click "Add Action.


Select "Webhook" in the drop-down list of the pop-up layer, then enter the Webhook URL provided by ArcSite, and save.


Create rules for both contact and job.

After completion, there should be two ArcSite Webhook call rules in the automation list.



4. Push a proposal document to JobNimbus contact or job. 

Go to JobNimbus Home Page, Click + and Add Contact


Fill in Contact information, and Save


Go back to the Projects page on the ArcSite User Site and verify the project has been created.



5. Push proposal document to JobNimbus contact or job.

  1. From the ArcSite app, create a drawing and upload to the cloud
  2. From the ArcSite user site
    1. Open the Project
    2. Open the uploaded drawing
    3. Open the Takeoff & Estimate tab.


Click “Send to Jobnimbus” button and select one proposal template to push to JobNimbus.


After pushing the document successfully, go back to JobNimbus to check the document list under the Contact or Job.





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